Patented    Made in USA.

ConcealaHook will not rust, corrode or ruin the fascia of your home or

business. After installation,you will be able to easily hang your seasonal

decorations of choice , Halloween, Christmas, Cinco de Mayo, …, When

you take down the decorations ConcealaHook stays in place until the

next time you use it, making the task of decorating much much easier.

Best of all, once you install it, you will NEVER HAVE TO DO IT AGAIN!!!
Hanging seasonal decorations on fascia and wood posts such as Christmas lights. Decorating mantels, doorways, fences, use around windows. Edges of tables to hang purses, hats. Picture frames and objects flush to wood walls. Inside a house or business on any wood surface such as a mantle. Hanging lights in a patio area. Hang outdoor accessories. Holiday decorating for restaurantson any wood surface.
ConcealaHook can also be used in many other great ways:
Wouldn't you like to eliminate the hassle of hanging unsightly hooks on your home for seasonal decorations each year?